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At King Green, we know that your trees and shrubs are a vital asset to your Michigan property. Healthy trees and shrubs beautify your yard, offer protection from the elements, and help keep our Michigan air fresh! Don’t wait until you notice a problem with your trees and shrubs – partner with King Green for a proactive care approach that keeps everything in your yard healthy and thriving.

King Green offers a full menu of tree and shrub treatments to maintain, protect, and preserve large plantings on your residential and commercial property. Our strategies include:


Your trees and shrubs have different fertilization needs than your grass. King Green develops a fertilization program based on your plants’ specific requirements to ensure success.

Weed Control & Crabgrass Control

Let’s face it – winters in Michigan can be harsh. Your trees and shrubs can use a little extra protection again Mother Nature as the temperature starts to plummet. King Green offers anti-desiccant sprays throughout your landscape to control potential winter burn and reduce winter impact. Our Winter Control Protection safeguards your trees and shrubs and gets them ready for a spring growth spurt.

Trunk Injection

Trunk injection is a highly effective pest control alternative to sprays and soil pesticides. King Green’s innovative injection application is quickly absorbed and distributed to nourish the plant and protect it from a wide range of insects and diseases.

Deep Root Feeding

Your grass roots are stealing vital nutrients from your trees and shrubs. King Green injects a liquid fertilizer directly into the designated root zone area for maximum results. Our deep root formula not only promotes healthy growth and foliage, but it can also help aerate your soil as well for an added benefit.

Apple Scab Treatment

Do your apple trees look sickly? They could be suffering from apple scab, a disease that attacks the leaves and fruit of apple and ornamental crabapple trees. King Green’s Apple Scab Treatment can restore the health of infected plants and prevent future outbreaks on your susceptible plants.

King Green Creates Customized Tree And Shrub Care Strategies

King Green doesn’t just offer effective tree and shrub strategies; we create customized tree and shrub care strategies based on your property’s unique needs. Partnering with King Green means you’ll never have to settle for cookie-cutter landscape tactics. We carefully assess key factors such as soil composition, potential health threats, insect infestations, and local growing conditions to develop a personalized treatment program that expedites success. From ad hoc applications to a year-round full-scale program, King Green’s flexible lawn care approach delivers a precise service fit. It’s just one of the many ways that King Green stands apart from the competition!

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